If I were an astronaut,
you are the princess of my fairytale.

Astronaut and his Princess

'Our fairytale.

Our story begins with a boy's dream on a midsummer night. A lady dressed in white whispered to him, 'Everything will be beautiful'.

Thus he set out on a journey, thousands of miles away from home, in search of his fate, oblivious that his future wife would be born at the turn of the century.

A little more than two decades later, a girl named M, gratia plena, left Europe for Canada to start her new life, amid the fear and unknown, blessed by divine intervention. A modern-day digital lightning struck and a whirlwind storm of words brought her to B, little did she know she would find her other half.

"His light had struck me blind, dared I stop to peek”, M asked thyself, “a single look makes me feel this unbreakable lifelong bond." At that exact moment, B also realized, that the lady in the dream was right all along. All the fear of the unknown has instantly vanished, replaced by joy and laughter, shared by two parts of the same soul.

Thus the story continues, like all other fairy tales. In a simple and unexpected moment, they caught a glimpse of eons of past lives, forever together, never apart.

Everything is beautiful.

(To be continued...)